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Mission Statement

Treble All Over will provide music-related fundraising for those who need it most.  While our primary focus is on injuries related to the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, we also seek to place artistic opportunity into the hands of many around the world.

Our Vision:

Treble All Over envisions a world free of government corruption, where love can flourish and music can heal.

Meet The Founder

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James Tyler Hagen

Founder and President

I have been an independent artist using the alias "Sounds Like Harmony" since 2014, where I have garnered enough support to perform in multiple tours across the United States and Canada.  I have released multiple full length albums on iTunes, with my most recent full-length work being "The War Outside", and I maintain an active following on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and Twitter.  Because of you, I have been able to continue sharing sharing my art with the world. Now, I want to use what I have built over the years to give back, and play my role in a better planet for all of us.

Political Disclosure

As a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) non-profit, Treble All Over does not endorse any individual political candidates or political parties. However, we are determined to communicate our collective needs with (and concerning) governmental representatives in order to bring forth positive change for those we serve.

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